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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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see life on the. video on demand exceeds mine. and feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. london is burning but the bridges ok we've got the latest on riots that are now sweeping through multiple cities the government in syria which is also sweeping through multiple cities and don't be late for curfew if you're a minor in philadelphia we've got a special presentation on seasteading from you guessed it the seasteading institute complete with do it yourself government we've got a little bit of rain mcgovern's i recounted the story from gaza and the it's all there and it's well i guess they almost wasn't part of flotilla to gaza as much as a flotilla almost to gaza and it's like you're almost watching sweet freedom in the making every time you're watching adam vs the man.
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maybe i spoke too soon when i said london wasn't really burning yesterday it turns out when it is burning and not just a couple buildings the rights of now exploded with the daily mail now officially calling them and up rising prime minister david cameron canceled his taxpayer funded vacation to recall parliament so they can quell the riots and save yesterday but the writers will feel the full force of the law well at least they're openly admitting that the law and government is this force no then again you won't hear an endorsement from me for a bunch of angry socialists destroying private property the british state is also putting sixteen thousand police officers on the streets to restore what the
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establishment considers order armored vehicles of in the streets a push back crowd and more than five hundred twenty five people have been arrested with over one hundred formally charged already every jail cell in london is full and there is word that the london police are preparing to. it's they're not emulating the assad regime in syria just yet but it's nice to know they're inching closer and copycat riots have reportedly broken out in birmingham liverpool and nottingham this is all over the country bristol and leaves were number a little bit all over the country about do you remember when richard nixon said we are all keynesians now well he was referring to a communist lord john maynard keynes the father of keynesianism which is the underpinning of modern governments only call it stewardship of the economy you know
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this is the guy that convinced so many that digging ditches and filling them back up was good for the economy but one thing is for certain i keynesian logic the riots in london are creating a lot of jobs with all those broken windows on the streets of london no not. they've got enough of those kinds of jobs but hiring street sweepers glass makers and a few extra police officers isn't going to save the british economy don't get any illusions about these riots though well it's i got to admit what is it is kind of awesome to see people take to the streets in fits of rage if this isn't the moral indignation libertarians are looking for this is not a protest to ask the government to stop doing something as much it is to do something and i would bet most of the actual rioters only understand why they're mad not the real reasons behind the things that make them mad mr active rage and violence don't promote liberty but risk justifying the kind of military style
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crackdown we're seeing there the discontent among the people of the world that we see probably not now throughout the middle east which is resulting there in dramatic changes in government in london well in london it is being directed at private property rather than the global banking system that's robbed us all blind and what's happening there is it's telling because while we see the cause and effect from here across the pond the participants of the riots themselves are likely not aware of how much they're being manipulated the rage in london streets so far as i can tell this point at least doesn't have a coherent intellectual message compared to a real revolution that is a philosophical revolution is the only revolutions that count are truly philosophical revolutions this is blind stupid raid for the sake of destruction when the discontent hits a breaking point here in the united states it may be a part of the revolution or it may set us back in the wake of our credit downgrade and at the dawn of our double dip recession it's imperative that well informed paid
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for it's the effort now to get the message out about who the real culprits are in the war against the people government itself ascension the violence the robbery and injustices that are plaguing our world and it's the government and must be held accountable and it must be don't peacefully with reason and intelligence and as always love. so all journalists the world over drool over fires in london blood in syria is still under reported and they give twenty four hour stream a news internet feed social media flash mobs it's going to get harder for the world to ignore the brand of classical terry that syrian president bashar al assad has been doling out with his crackdown on peaceful protesters there is news out of the guardian is reporting that the assad regime is facing a chorus of condemnations from turkey india brazil and south africa as they press for the regime to see since violent reprisals against its own people circus have friendly relations with syria but they've recently come under heavy strain of syria's old-world parody is broadcast so the eyes of the world since the start of ramadan a week ago three hundred more syrians have been murdered by the cannibal state
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turkish foreign minister ahmet the toddler who is set to send a strong message to damascus and according to turkey's prime minister recep tayyip erdogan is a simple one this kind of behavior will not stand and the rest of the world is watching since the uprising started half a year ago syria's banned all foreign media from operating in the country though that hasn't stopped new media integrate with a little bit of digital accountability can do for human rights now if only who cared enough to stop this a long time ago and it seems our good friends in anonymous have stepped up aid in the to aid in the cause taking down several government websites recently however for the thousands already killed in the group suppression of dissent it's far too little too late at least in syria for those still fighting assad they're doing it for more than the spoils of looting so are you completely fed up with government here or on land well you might be interested in what the seasteading institute is
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organizing planning and researching and joining me now about the cutting age of developing new governments and new societies on the ocean is charles problem of the seasteading institute the ambassador from the seasteading institute charles thank you so much for joining us tonight. thank you very mean and i'm all right so to cut to the chase here when it comes to see senate and what you're working on at the seasteading institute you talk a lot about. the space for new governments is it about colonizing the ocean or is it about getting away from government it's about taking this east institute is totally neutral on what government should be it's not libertarian it's not communist it's not an archivist it simply is focused on providing choice for people so people want to go to the sea to get more government or less government they have the option to do so ok so let's back up for us are going to talk about the logistics of this i want to put up a picture here we'll put this up as a full screen do we have the image from this is from seasteading. or this is one of
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the computer models of what a seasteading colony might look like can you tell us look at what the components of this be what does this practically look like well first off all these all these photos you see online when you google image something really it's not exactly what it was to be it's was be what it is down the road not immediately so they are these are the leads are theater these are these are mockups these are all potential none of these are in development for actual construction right now but these are things that you're actually working towards and you've got a sense of what components would be necessary right. yes we do have a sense of what components would be necessary really what we're focused on now is getting businesses to me to consider trying to let these systems be built and try to put funding up for them with that we could start out with something very small if you've ever been on a cruise ship you'd realize that it's very similar to being on a floating city so we're looking for
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a progression of when you get. maybe some small boats second fifty thousand people we can have these structures which can put millions of people on them ok so yeah you've got everything out and on your website it's really amazing about the single family modules as floating islands you've got people talking about converting very economically existing ocean liners into permanent ocean colonies that really exciting stuff here but how practical is this how far off is this that you'd actually the people would actually be able to be a part of a seaside community the technology is there is there currently if you've ever been on a cruise ship it's there. really we could build them tomorrow but we just need the fun and that's what the institute is moving more towards making this a generally accepted idea and not some that looks like a crazy libertarian idea so we're looking to accomplish is really good investments ok and so the part of the point of this is to create truly politically autonomous
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spaces where people can create their own systems of government how are you how would you stop existing governments from claiming state under the law of the sea or two hundred miles out do you have to be past that what is the space that seasteading offers for people to create their own communities their own governments . to be around two hundred miles outside of an existing governments what exactly would be the consequent quinces of it we're not sure yet because nobody's ever tried we think that we believe that governments would let us go in peace because simply we simply provide no harm to them we simply wish to trade with them work with them and we are a peaceful organization now so well when you get the first you know big one set up the real fear with the colony and then the you know the docks in the garage very make sure you put in a t.v. studio maybe will be the first t.v. show broadcast from an autonomous seasteading colony charles prolly seasteading
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institute dot org thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you adam. right remember curfews yeah in the quaint good old days when children were raised more by parents then government bureaucrats parents could dictate what times were appropriate for their children to be out right now parents in philadelphia you don't have to worry about that because the government has stepped up to do your job for you. up in philly big brother is out to keep those mischievous little miners safe from selves and why not as my political idol hill dog clinton always says it takes a village to raise a child and in this case the village elder merrill michael nutter is instituting a nine pm curfew for all human beings under the age of eighteen in the center city and university city regions of philadelphia so what does this mean well if you're a miner out past sundown the figure men are on the lookout for you if they catch you could be a fine ride in a patrol car or even legal action for mommy and daddy the curfew was in response to
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the rising problem of violent sudden you fueled riots with the media are now calling flash mobs the marilee's the following statement in regard to his new plan for control of human movement as he said we do not tolerate violence by any individuals in our city and we will continue to respond with a full force or city's justice system the kids who disrespect their city. there's a phrase for this kind of behavior i'm trying to marry oh wait captain harvard's got the answer. intrinsically paternalistic views that's right so they don't tolerate force from wild rang bunches children but it's ok when grown ups do it as long as they have the sanction of the government i just want to take a second to make one observation do you notice how they're restraining the term flash mob for stories like this it went from something that once meant gathering in
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a spontaneous crowd of people not wearing pants also known as an internet coordinated events into a synonym for violent riots that night had been coordinated via text message i am or email here is how what you pedia describes a flash mob a flash mob is a group of people who assembled suddenly you know i'll expose perform a usual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time that dispersed often for the purposes of entertainment and or satire flash mobs are organized the telecommunications social media or viral e-mails the term coined in two thousand and three is generally not applied to events and performances organized for the purposes of politics such as protests commercial advertisement publicity stunts that involve public relations firms or paid professionals but instead from rights in london to a violent demonstrations here in the united states we're hearing how flash mobs are every now and civilized society as we inch closer to the long rumored awaited summer of rage autumn of rage all of rage sounds like
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a bad title for a video game it seems that the vilification of the internet communication as a means of organizing will increase and for both government and from the old media that it challenges and as if straight from orwell's guide to creeping tyranny it's starting with the perversion of language. still ahead here on adamant versus the man only seventeen percent of likely u.s. voters think the federal government has the consent of the governed not a very big number so what does that say about our government plus we'll have a firsthand account from former cia analyst ray mcgovern on his experience aboard the flotilla to gaza don't go away you're watching adam versus the next.
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let's not forget that we have an apartheid regime right. i think the easy to wonder well. we never got the book says they are keep you safe get ready because your freedom. to. live.
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lead. the concentration of power in the district of columbia is a frightening thing. frightening from here madman control the levers to our money supply our children's educations and our problems well just how many people how many americans have given the current established order of the express if not implied consent to do these things never forget that eighty six point three one
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seven two five percent of all statistics are total b.s. made up to manipulate you but numbers can still be telling if you can scrape up enough of them to prove a point so let's give it a try if you look at obama's reelection numbers for two thousand and eight he was seen just under sixty four million thoughts about dot com reported on july twenty first that they are now just over three hundred eleven million people in the united states of america that means that not quite twenty one percent of the people currently living on our land mass that we call the united states gave barack obama express consent to govern and even of that percentage i'm sure a good portion would not have endorsed. starting new wars in pakistan libya drone bombing syria renewing the patriot act bailing out goldman sachs to be in our currency and yet here we are with a constitution stomping statist over say not just the united states but the six point eight billion people affected by u.s. policy around the globe well on top of all that a new poll released by rasmussen shows that just seventeen percent of likely u.s.
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voters think the federal government today has the consent of the governed so what about the nonvoters and while true children felons and those not permitted by law to vote clearly do not have and sent the police legally the number of deals that of those who do vote most agree the situation here in the beltway is out of control how better to highlight that point than to also mention that a poll of those holding elected office the political class shows that fifty five percent of them believe the federal government has consent of the governed rate for cognitive dissonance i suppose when you're making a hundred thousand plus by determining the quality of life for millions of others it's easier to tell yourself that what you do is just one five hundred thirty five people in a sorrowful presidential administration a room full of tax funded generals and a few wall street bankers have convinced themselves despite all evidence of the contrary that what they are doing is right it becomes imperative we engage the
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political system and combat the tearing of statism by whatever means we can many people have withdrawn their indorsement as they would say of the electoral system by simply refusing to vote while others cast a blind eye to preoccupied with the latest news on sports center as they eat their microwave dinners in the confines of their man cave but you know this government is not a fiction with throwing your endorsement of the electoral system has not made the federal reserve dissolve and not stop one bomb from falling and is not brought justice to any court and has not prevented a single innocent death. democracy is in so many ways a tyrannical form of government a tyranny of the majority and no matter how small of a majority it is in this case sixty four million people have forever altered the quality of life for billions of dollars so while it is true that those who stare into the abyss may risk the abyss staring back standing idly by while our government swallows are country whole is no more moral or just were acceptable if
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you believe in liberty you have the fight for it and the only way to achieve real revolution is through free minds participating in politics is just one way to do that but just because the current result of the american political conversation is well what we have today that doesn't mean you should rule out the slaves suggestion box where you put your votes it might not be worth your time in every election but it's still fun to go in and write none of the above but joining me now for a story we've been waiting to tell on the show is former cia analyst who delivered intel briefings so the president of the united states ray mcgovern he took part on the american flotilla almost to gaza this year and is here to tell us that story right thank you so much for being with us i'm so glad we're able to get you and now that the story seems to have shaken out you're back home safe and sound in one piece you had a flotilla of ships going sailing with a this is just a month ago to gaza you were stopped in greece by their coast guard at the
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behest of israel but before we get into all the swashbuckling adventures here take us back and tell us about what compels you to be engaged incision and if possible one of your background of the cia informs your understanding of the situation in gaza. well and the panel and analytical part of the cia were after was to discern the truth find out what was going on and other areas and then tell the president without fear or favor i was going on in gaza is unconscionable collective punishment condemned by all manner of international law people kept that is if we think israel collectively punish same thing and posing a blockade that not even the united states of america is willing to declare legal ok that's a key point so before we left when hillary clinton warned us now wait
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a second don't you remember what happened last year remember nine people were killed like the host the passive voice you know who i'm probably not because all of you know you're here you know an interesting little thing i found out there were eight turkish people and one american citizen he was not a dual citizen he was an american citizen pure and simple now this is this is the rain on the flotilla bit was last year doing about the same thing that you're doing this year and it was actually raided by israeli commandos and nine people were killed and you went back a year later to do the same thing you know this time we got our own book or us post because we called it the audacity of hope really and absolutely brilliant the audacity of hope was prevented from going to gaza we had thirty six citizens from all over america very representative old people like me young twenty two twenty three twenty four year olds and none of us opted out even after the worst kinds of israeli threats like. pork like boarding us
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sending dogs to want to support us and those kinds of things they even made up stories about us carrying. carrying sulphuric acid to pour upon the i.d.f. the israeli defense forces as they boarded us which they paid. clearly they would do and hillary clinton was a great great help she said listen what happened last year so you go there on your own but i had an a c. contact told me indirectly that they would be happy to see the coal bodies of activists shown on us t.v. as a result of their trying to perfect the blockade of gaza now when i wrote that i wrote that before we left and besser craig murray a person who so happens to be a friend of mine he said you know raise usually pretty pretty objective and gets exaggerate but this is over the top he checked with his own sources at the state
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department not the white house the state department he's in touch with all manner of british ambassador's and so forth and he got exactly the same story ok and we knew what would be for all us at the hands of the israelis we get no support from the u.s. government quite the contrary they pretty much say well you risk what you're doing but then cooler heads prevailed finally obama somebody took over and said look you know if the israelis attack alice walker the eighty six year old not seem so five heavy epstein matter of these are the people you know it looks like especially since they're all americans this time last time we could say well without it was a turkish american who's still caesar and caesar it was easier to sew marginalized but it also seems like what part of what we're seeing here from our stance from clinton is that it's really just the united states government wanting to keep its
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monopoly on relating to foreigners you can't be the face of the american people to any foreigners with goodwill or with your own message it has to be the official government message but for our viewers who don't know the story can you step back and give us the logistics of this how many ships if you have coming together what were you trying to deliver and where were you trying to go there were eleven ships altogether from all manner of countries mostly european countries and most of them were die. can greece which was the problem is the start of this in greece because you see hillary clinton and obama finally decided that they have no influence on netanyahu i mean they could tell the nationality please don't shoot a piece americans alice walker new york times correspondent please don't shoot him up and netanyahu do what he always does thumb his nose at the president say we're going to build settlements we're going to let these people try to break our blockade we're going to deal with them just like we did last year or so of us do us need to really heavily on the greeks so please don't let him go don't let him out of port kick the greeks
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a sea faring nation so so wasn't israel but leaned on greece it was more the united states we mean on greece that's my analysis because israel doesn't have that kind of doesn't have a kind of which in greece they have more than before but it was the u.s. that said look you guys are really good shape economically you know bailout guess what this is a team favre we had a right we had at the i.m.f. you want to be want to be favorable to you at least you can do is not at peace rick take groups of trying to have their sort of activists who deterrable say their fists or pay a term now president call you pirate. pirates for peace is i always preferred the living human a doubter i don't know but i look at this will suppose the story you're actually decided to try this despite you have information oil are you what you would ask for clearance been denied by authorities in greece well actually we had it was good to go at the end of june ok we had inspections had very thing going good for us and
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then two of the other ships got sabotaged we don't know by right i was reading about this really weird stuff like how missing propellers our eyes miss exactly the same one i had is trying. to drop a bomb on you point so we had all our ice and your money i. had a we had a bogus complaint that we were at sea worthy trees to israeli boat. yes the station so the heating authority said we can't leave until every other inspection end of the spectrum we never get the result so on the first of july our captain said look i take a great risk too and yes i could get you in jail i think it isis read what we're going to be like slowly stop what out there it was exhilarating for thirty five thirty five minutes of freedom people before they had the great coastguard cuts off again and then they had the you know those commandos all blacks should put in a machine that satisfied hundred yards away and were yelling here's the new york times reporter c.b.s.
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has three over there what you should them first because if we shoot us we're going to get it on film. it was really really and that's one of the differences here i walk right ahead yeah true from new york times three years to from c.n.n. and so forth in other ways they're willing to sell with us and suffer the same indignities that befell us they had the israelis they were just taking a picture story with the interviews with this they were with us ok and we even got some good reporting of which it would appear in the u.s. press but all over europe and the rest of the world it exposed how how transparent we will really motives where on behalf of americans who care what the rest of the world think about us thank you. but let me ask for americans who might not be paying that much attention to this issue maybe for conservatives even who are concerned about issues here at home when they see that americans are denied this freedom of movement this freedom of travel internationally and internationally do you have a message for them or take away from the map and that sort of broadens the concern
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about this issue that what we're regardless of what you feel about what's going on in palestine our freedom is being restricted in order to keep it going well that's an interesting way to put it i would say that this is an example porous loans were our foreign policy is not a free but the american people are foreign policy is dictated in many ways. specs by the state of israel and not by the israeli people but by the right wing government and the money interests behind it they're able to manipulate our political system for that summit in with my money and before we even left i had an interview with our it's you know rather progressive newspaper in israel and all she would say were why don't you go to syria syria is where they shoot up people who are only should say this but in effect we're only starving people in gaza should people that see a large you go there and i said well we're not given three billion dollars a year to syria we are to israel and so we feel a certain obligation.


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